The Slags Masters

History of the Slags Masters

The PGA Slags Masters is the brainchild of “El Nino Beneriano” life president of Slags. El Nino copied the idea from ‘Big Mac’ McMac founder of the now disgraced Taggs institution.

The tournament is a Mecca for shite golf and shite golfers. The format of the Masters is as follows; “Dork Duval” makes up handicaps for all competitors and amazingly, most times Dork wins.

Hall of Shame

2017Jonhard WangerReport
2016El Nino BenerianoReport
2015Dork DuvalReport
2014Bernie SteakhouseReport
2013Julio Maria CanoflagersReport
2012Virgil TracyReport
2011Sergie WankovReport
2010Olloir BallesteroidsReport
2009Virgil TracyReport
2008Dork DuvalReport
2007Jonhard WangerReport
2006El Nino BenerianoReport
2005Jonhard WangerReport
2004Foxy SimmonsReport
2003Dork DuvalReport
2002Olloir BallesteroidsReport
2001Albert Big MontyReport
2000Ralph MalfReport
1999Albert Big MontyReport