It’s quite uncanny. Just out of interest, we used brand new Web 2.0 technology to digitally face match known slags to famous celebrities. The results below are quite extraordinary.


One was known at school as Farters-Parters … the other is a well know TV star


One is a has-been mediocre journeyman …. the other is Thomas Bjorn



One is a bald git … the other is Comrade Lenin



One is a knack kneed has been …. the other is a sporting legend and OBE


One is a bit wooden … the other is Virgil from Thunderbirds



One is a legendary public schoolboy bumface …. the other is Will Carling




One is a great charmer, good looking, wealthy, suave and debonair … the other would like to be Roland Rivron




One is a sour faced Scottish chuffer … the other is a sporting legend with Rosacea


One is a toothy chinny tweaker .. the other is a toothy tweaky winker


One is a right cockney wanger … the other is Ray Winstone




One is a chubby cheeked naughty rascal …. the other is an up and coming golf superstar



One is a chubby faced blonde baffoon …. the other is Boris Johnson


One has been mistaken for Mrs Doubtfire .. the other is Colin Montgomerie


One is Boris Johnson … the other is a Lesbian icon.



One is a plonker from the east end … the other is actor Nigel Bates





One is a random chubby bloke with a goatee .. the other is Keith from the office





One is a Tory grease boy … the other is David Cameron



One’s got a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle …. the other is Bill Beaumont


One is a mockney wanger with a massive tongue, the other is Jamie Oliver


One possesses powers of telekinesis .. the other is a massive bender


One had Pussy on a plane … the other is a frequent flyer with Ryan Air



One is a prune faced joker …. the other is comedian Sid James



One is the laughing stock of an entire nation … the other is Steve Mcclaren



One is a floppy haired tosser with highlights … the other is Howard Jones