Courage Cup

Courage Cup VII – 2016 The Reaming on the ring road

Dork Choked. The day the music died.

Courage Cup VI – 2014 Ringers at Weston Turdsville

Master tactician Big Mac loaded his side with ringers and beat and demotivated and injured Slaggs team 2-1.

Courage Cup V – 2012 Barry from Eastenders

In 2012, The Slags team, shorn of “Virgil”, “Bernie ‘the Walrus’ Steakhouse” and “Foxy Simmons” turned up at the own course with just 5 able bodied golfers.

“Big Mac” sealed the deal and secured the draw, by cleverly offloading ‘spare man’ (Barry from Eastenders) to ensure the Slags team made up the numbers.

Courage Cup IV – 2010 Shite Washed !

In 2010, “Big Mac” gracefully conceded that his team had let him down –

That’s what happens when you have shite players.

Previous Results

2016 LullingstoneTaggs Victory 2-1
2014 Weston TurdsvilleTaggs Victory 2-1
2012 LullingstoneMatch DrawnReport
2010 HenleySlags Victory 3-0Report
2008 LullingstoneSlags Victory 2-1Report
2006 HenleyTaggs Victory 2-1Report
2005 LullingstoneMatch Drawn