Courage Cup II 2006

Big Mac hails his moment of Torrance like genius

2006 at Henley Saturday 5th August.

After several moments of controversy and a couple nasty tastes left in mouths, “Big Mac” successfully guided his pencil around the handicap rosta and led his team to a Taggs victory on the 5th of August at Henley.

The final score in the match was 2-1. The pivotal moment came in the middle match where “Jonhard Wanger” and “Big Monty Al” threw the game away with an inexplicable moment of honesty from Big Al in announcing that he had played the wrong ball for a hole and a half.

The final match of the day was a one sided landslide victory as Captain “Big Mac” and partner “the Landlord” crumbled in the face of some decent Slags golf.


Taggs Side

The Taggs team blew their wad early that year and showed their hand in May.

“Big Mac” McMac – England – 18 – Capt
“Wild Willy Barrett” – IOW – 22
“Ginge” Brydon – England – 17 (Wkt)
“the Landlord” – England – 18
Lord Halifax of Gething – Wales – 16
“Geddy” “I don’t believe it” McCormack – Ireland – 18

“Taggs 2006 Team Profiles”

Slags Side

The Slags team were working on the phones to the very last day, scouring for players accross the land.

Some were dependent on conditions of ASBOs and parole committee decisions.

In the event the 2006 team was a repeat of the glorious 2005 team.

“beneriano” – NZ – 10 – Capt
“Dork Duval” – Winkychester – 10
“Olloir Ballesteroids” – England – 18
“Jonhard Wanger” – Wales – 18
“Albert Big Monty” – Cranbrook – 22
“Scribbins” – Brum – 18

The Matches

“Wild Willy” and “Ginge” beat “Ballesteroids” and “Scribbins”
“Geddy” and Gething beat “Wanger” and “Albert”
“Big Mac” and “the Landlord” lost to “beneriano” and “Dork”

Taggs team profiles

Gerald McCormack

Tough Campaigner, but this Tournament rookie is the cheeky chappie of the tour.

Likeable Geddy, plays a fine round of golf….providing he can make it to the course! Due to
A mix up with the Irish Embassy, a hamster and his Dry cleaner, Geddy was unable to locate his passport and therefore make the Tags Qualifier in Estartit, last weekend.

Still, he has the benefit of no passport restrictions in Henley that we know of, so he should be out the at the start. We hope. The quiet man of Golf. Especially when not present.

Steve “WW” Barrett

Familiar face to Taggs and Slags alike. Past Taggs President, Steve is the perennial 25 handicapper. Happy to play embarrassingly poor golf with anyone, including past open champions. Skin of a Rhino. Good under pressure, especially when playing for beer. Likes Elton John.

Neil “Lord Halifax” Gething

Headlines read: Northern Golfing nobility hits Henley! Sartorial elegance combined with jet-like club head speed, make “his lordship” a hit with the ladies.!
Pork Pie ambassador, after dinner raconteur and tour Rookie, Neil will be the “hands across the sea” during this campaign

Steve “alright Ginger?” Brydon

Dedicated professional, addicted to quality golf. Going cold turkey at the moment. Steve is another with after dinner speaking experience. Rather Partial to Baileys. Self appointed sports psychologist for Big Mac McMonty. This is the Vanilla Ice man’s 2nd campaign.

The Landlord

Beer, Fags and fine food have been the foundation of The Landlords golfing progression over the last few years. The senior pro on the tour. Nick’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable as the event unfolds in his pub. Tends to have a lot of balls.

Big Mac McMonty

No stranger to Slags. 45 yr old Mac is still full of the vim and vigour that first drove him to swing a club. Now, with the seal population diminishing, Mac has turned his hand to Golf. Yips with chips?? Not on your Nelly! Thanks to lessons from NZ Ace, el Nino, Mac’s short game is one of his strengths!

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