Courage Cup V 2012

Courage Cup V – Lullingstone, 14th July 2012

In 2010, “Big Mac” gracefully conceded that his team had let him down –

“That’s what happens when you have shite players”.

In 2012, The Slags team, shorn of “Virgil”, “Bernie ‘the Walrus’ Steakhouse” and “Foxy Simmons” turned up at the own course with just 5 able bodied golfers.

“Big Mac” sealed the deal and secured the draw, by cleverly offloading ‘spare man’ (Barry from Eastenders) to ensure the Slags team made up the numbers.

… what a fucking disgrace.


After having his arse handed to him on home Turf at Henley in 2010, “Big Mac” picked up the challenge and took the knife to the 2010 team cutting away the dead wood and non performing players.

Out went “Micky D” and “Geddy” .. in came a right couple of bandits whose names escape us to this day.

“Big Mac”
“Ginger Brydon”
“The Landlord”

With the Slags team turning up a man short, the final master stroke was to offload Barry from Eastenders into the depleted Slags ranks and the course of history was changed forever.


“Dork Duval”
Barry from Eastenders


“Big Mac” recorded his maiden Taggs match victory as Barry from Eastenders proved a handicap too far for “Beneriano”. The other matches played out with moderate amounts of bitterness with a draw and a Slags win in one of the matches.

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