Courage Cup III 2008

Slags pull off monkey !

2008 at Lullingstone Sunday 25th May.

In glorious late May weather, the Slags team finally pulled off that monkey on their back and for the first time lifted the Slags v Taggs Courage cup.

The last Slags v Taggs (2006) was sullied by a moments of madness and moments of controversy. From the bear pit of Henley the gladiatorial golfers trudged back to the rolling hills of Lullingstone, but on this day – Golf was the winner.

All 3 matches were close; “Dork” and “Stonecold” (Slags) beat “Brydon” and “Wild Willy” (Taggs) 1 up, “Wanger” and “Ballesteroids” lost to “Landlord Nick” and other by 2 and 1, “Albert” and “Scribbins” (Slags) beat “Big Mac” and other by 2 and 1.

A marvellous spirit of friendship and shared shite golf was the order of the day.

Stuart Hall


Taggs Side

The Taggs team had terrible trouble coming up with a line up that the captain was happy with this year ..

“Big Mac” McMac – England – 18 – Capt
“Wild Willy Barrett” – IOW – 22
“Ginger Brydon” – England – 18 (Wkt)
“the Landlord” – England – 18

“Taggs 2008 Team Profiles”

Slags Side

The Slags team were working on the phones to the very last day, scouring for players accross the land.

Some were dependent on conditions of ASBOs and parole committee decisions.

In the event the 2008 team was a repeat of the not so glorious 2006 team.

“beneriano” – NZ – 10 – Capt
“Dork Duval” – Winkychester – 10
“Olloir Ballesteroids” – England – 18
“Jonhard Wanger” – Wales – 18
“Albert Big Monty” – Cranbrook – 22
“Scribbins” – Brum – 18

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