31 Results for group: slag

Rear Admiral Vesters

Swings like a butterfly, stings like a pea. More

Half Pint Whitting

The Keith Chegwin of Slags golf. More

Mickey D

Best years long behind him. More

Uncle Danny Buttcheeks

Takes pot shots at fellow slags. More

Dan Powerman

Consistent underachiever More

Slammin Sam

Wilts under pressure. More

Sergey Wankoff

Thought to be shat. More

Ralf Malf

Incapable of human feeling. The Bjorn Borg of Slags More

Scally Craigo

Gobshite. Get's riled easily ... eh calm down. More

The Rippapotamus

Suffered horribly in the 2016 season with Bashington's digit. More